Welcome To My Website

Hi this is eddacker and this is my personal website. A fun project just for me to play around with and have some place to keep my information and to share things with my friends. I've had a website, in one form or another, for many years now. In October, 2012, I decided to rebuild this site completely and make an all new one; this one. I'm retiring or semi-retired from 24 years working in the computer field and I wanted a fresh start; get rid of the techie side of things and make it a little bit more about me and what I care about now. This is early days and I don't know where it's going to go from here. I just need to get it up and started and see what shakes out. So if you came here by accident or to get information about me or to retrieve something that I've told you about this is the main page, follow the menus and you should be able to navigate everywhere else and find what you are looking for.

The short story about myself is that I grew up in Northern California and I've had an interesting life. I have a average education and average skills and I've been interested in many different subjects just like most people. Like most American men, I have followed sports. The San Francisco Giants are my team (that's American baseball) and I spent a lot of time with outdoor hobbies: camping, gardening, bicycling, canoeing and swimming. I've never gone really deep into any one subject over the years, I'm just an average person.

The last nine years I've been living in the United Kingdom in the East Midlands and I quite like it here. The pace of life is nice, the history is nice, the people are nice and I am comfortable; I feel safe. Of course I miss my California, I miss my friends and family, but you cannot have everything or it least you can't have both things at once. I'm here now and for a bit, here is where I'll stay.


On Facebook I started a page called "What I love about England" because everyday there is some little thing that I think of that I like about this country. I wanted to share with my friends back home. I don't think they're as enthusiastic as I am about this country, for what I want ot share about it so I haven't been as enthusiastic about following through and writing lots of things on that page. I may move that page over to here where it's easier for me to post my stuff or maybe I'll just have a mirror here of what's really on Facebook or Facebook can be a mirror of what's here. I've been a big guy most of my life and when I stopped exercising I became a fat guy although I carry my weight well I was still awfully big and so the first thing I did when I stopped working at the end of May was to change my diet. I lost about 30 pounds in July through September (2 plus stone) and it feels good. I'm a type II diabetic but I'm in very good health otherwise so I want to continue to make sure I'm healthy into the future and that's what I mean by 'I'm working on myself right now' and we'll see what comes next.